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Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

Little Stars 

5 Christmas baskets we deliver each Christmas

Little Stars is a preemie initiative that allows us to celebrate the stars that pushed their way into this life earlier than predicted. I am a mother of two beautiful children that both entered into this world two months early. My daughter weighed in at 3lbs 4oz and my son 3lbs 15oz. I know all too well about the long nights, the worries of your child’s growth, trying to understand the doctors reports, the stress that arises, and not being able to take them home right away and visiting them in the “baby hotel,” as I like to call it.

It is our prayer that the welcome package gives comfort to know that the mothers are not alone and that their little star will grow up to shine its light on the world. We hope these few tokens of love will make their days brighter and the burden a little lighter.  We want them to know that they are not alone.  We are here to support you and your preemie.

The Little Stars package includes:

A Welcome letter to let them know they are not alone, a Handmade Crocheted Hat to cover their growing minds, Diapers to snuggle them comfortably, a Bible for spiritual guidance, a Prayer Card to speak words of love, a Living Free by Choice Onesie to cover their hearts with the choice to freely live life to the fullest, and a Glow-in-the-dark Star to help light the way!

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