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Amanda  L.

We help increase your faith, embrace the process of your life and walk into your God-given purpose.

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Meet the Visionary

Evangelist Amanda L. Campbell serves as a Minister of Faith Outreach Apostolic Church in Bridgeport, CT under the leadership of Overseer Carrie E. Loyd and Pastor Cynthia D. Bellamy. Evangelist Campbell has been married for 15 years to Ian Campbell and of this union they have two children, daughter Iana and son Ian Campbell.

In 2003, Minister Campbell joined Faith Outreach Apostolic Church at the age of 16 and she received the gift of the Holy Ghost at the age of 19. In 2010, she accepted God’s calling upon her life to preach the Gospel. On April 11, 2010, she preached her trial sermon, “No More Tears, God Has Heard My Prayers” and has been running for the Lord ever since.

Work With Me


Our mission is to help individuals to find the cause of their purpose through attainable steps of growth in mentorship, personal empowerment, spiritual guidance and goal setting.  Through this program we work to help increase your faith, embrace the process of your life and walk into your God-given purpose.

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Birthing Chamber

The Birthing Chamber is a spiritual midwife to God's women. It is deemed a safe place where they can give birth to the calling on their life and the gifts on the inside of them.

Clean Space


 I have attended several small group sessions of Living Free by Choice. The founder Amanda Campbell created a safe space for women to be empowered. I left every session knowing I could overcome what I was dealing with. I also took advantage of the one on one coaching phone session with Amanda. I was able to receive direct strategies pertaining to new business ventures. She was compassionate, helpful, and understating while pulling out the necessary components I needed to succeed.


I have had and still have the pleasure of experiencing what this program will offer first hand. Amanda is my accountability partner. With a discerning spirit, she has ministered to me about situations that she didn't even know I was going through. She not only studies the word, but she also lives the word. Her confidentiality is something I'll never question. Whatever she does, she does in truth because of John 4:24, this is just how she functions. Goal setting is something I struggle with. She taught and showed me the most important goal that I could ever set, which was and still is setting aside time for God. This step has allowed me to experience a spiritual shift and a strengthened relationship with our father. My purpose became clearer and the Lord wanted my commitment.


Amanda Campbell is truly an incredible asset to the kingdom of God. Her ministry Living Free by choice through the power of God has saved and transformed many lives. Amanda has truly made it her mission daily to support, counsel, mentor, love, teach, strengthen, affirm, push and intercede for God’s people. Her drive to succeed and to see others succeed in Christ Jesus has compelled many people to live boldly, humbly and sincerely for Christ. I trust and believe that her ministry will not only continue to transform lives in her city or state, but I trust and believe that her ministry Living Free by Choice through the power of God will transform the world.


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